Clacton Badge History

The History of the Clacton Judo Club Badge

This has been taken from The Great Wave of Kanagawa by Katsushika Hoskusai (1760 – 1849). The “Wave” was one of a hundred views of Mount Fuji that Hoskusai had produced. This type of art first found its way into Europe in the middle of the nineteenth century and greatly influenced the French Impressionists. Artists of Manet’s circle were amongst the first to appreciate their beauty.

Back in 1986 Mick Hearn was looking for a design for a new club badge, it needed to be something different, something to make his players stand out. Most other clubs had emblems of their town, calligraphy or badly drawn tigers or dragons. When Mick first saw the “Wave” he knew it was the perfect picture to represent the club, it was a scene of the sea which was part of the club name. It was circular in form which not only leant itself to be used on a circular badge but emphasised the circular pattern of life so much a part of Japanese life.

Before taking part in a competition Mick often tells his players that they need to be like the wave and smash their opponents as the wave was doing to the kow-towing fishermen. The “Wave” is a world famous masterpiece and has often been used in advertisements, there is even a local seafood delivery vehicle with a very similar design on its side.

Back in early 1987, Clacton Judo club received their very first badges depicting the “wave” Designed by Mick Hearn. It was many years before Mick decided to again change his design slightly to a rectangular club badge. This was the first time the “Wave” was presented, at this time it was awarded to those winning medals, However it proved so popular and such a good advertisement that all club members got to wear it.

  • Top row: Samantha Black, Debbie Monkcom, Darren Heard, Mick Hearn, Dave Greenall, Tony Bain, Craig Debrick, Danny Smyth.
  • Centre Row: Steven Evans, Lee Simpson, Justin Rothwell, Nicky Harris, Lee Mason, Paul Estall, Andrew Birrell.
  • Bottom Row: Peter Back, Mark Salter, Alan Heath, Nicola Searles, Sarah Smith.
First Wave
The Wave May 1988 This picture shows Mick Hearn presenting the then leisure centre manager (David Hall) a framed print of our Club Badge on the 1st Birthday of Clacton leisure centre.